Symon Radchenko

Simon Radchenko used to take part in archaeological excavations for fourteen years. Since he was eleven Simon participated several projects in Neolithic and Bronze Age, published few articles on the issue of prehistoric rituals and sites. As a member of “New archaeological School” he provides a research of the first Indo-Europeans in Ukraine, their culture and traditions. The Master degree he obtained in 2018 in Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (Ukraine) was focused on the geoinformational provision of archaeological research. Besides, Simon used to work as a teacher of humanities in Kiev high-schools and provide scientific researches in literature, studying carnival culture, contemporary literature process and metamodernism. His doctorate project deals with the portable art of Ukrainian Steppe. Using the photogrammetry and geospatial database tools, he intended to collect most of the objects of Prehistoric mobile art and integrate them into general archaeological context.

Tech4Culture Fellow – Call 2 (2019)


Vito Messina, Department of Historical Studies, UniTO

Fulvio Rinaudo, Architecture & Design Dept. (Politecnico di Torino)