Who can apply? Eligibility rules


The Call for Applications states that candidates must have a Master Degree or equivalent qualification.

The Second Call Deadline is the 7 of May 2019, but I will finish my Master Degree soon after and before starting of courses (November 2019). May I apply anyway?

If you do not hold a Master Degree or equivalent qualification you will not be considered eligible. The Call for Applications states that candidates must comply with ALL admission requirements at the Call Deadline. That means that, for the Second Call for Application, candidates need to hold a Master Degree or equivalent qualification by May, 7, 2019.

I am Italian, may I apply?

There is no restriction in terms of candidates nationality for the Second Call for Applicantions. However, candidates must comply with all admission requirements, including the MSCA Mobility Rule: applicants should not have resided or carried out their main activity (study, work, etc.) in Italy for more than 12 months in the last 3 years immediately prior to the call deadline. For further information about the Mobility Rule, please check the Guide for Applicants, paragraph 3. Who can apply?, section “Candidates must undergoing under a genuine mobility”.


How to apply


May I submit my application through email?

No, you may not. As stated in the Call for Applications (Art. 3 ELIGIBILITY AND ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS) “Candidates must submit all the requested information and documentations through the application platform on T4C website (tech4culture.unito.it)”. Application submitted in any other way will not be considered.

I could not find the CV and the Research Templates for the application. Where can I find them?

The CV Template and the Research Template can be downloaded from the application platform. You need to register to our platform in order to fill in all the forms and submit your application. You will find the templates at step 7 of the application process (Form 7 ‐ Curriculum Vitae / Motivation Letter / Research Proposal and Ethics / Letters of Reference/ Publications and Patents). You can download them and upload them again (once filled) in the same form of the application platform.

I experiencing some trouble with the application platform. What should I do?

You may write an email to the Project Management Team (tech4culture@unito.it) who will pass your issue to the technical team, if necessary.  When writing us about technical difficulties, please be sure to describe in detail your problem: which section/form of the application platform seems not to be working, which message of error, if any, appears on the platform, etc.