Research areas

Tech4Culture is an interdisciplinary PhD Programme, as reflected in its Scientific Board.

For the Second Call for Applications the Evaluation and Selection process is organized in four Panels and the focus is on the following Research Areas:



Research Area 1: Deterioration of Cultural Heritage: prevention and remediation approaches

Research Area 2: Investigation techniques for film base photographic materials

Research Area 3: New approaches to the analysis of materials in the Cultural Heritage domain

Research Area 4: Innovative characterization methods and experimentation of artefacts’ production

Research Area 5: New sustainable solutions in terms of methodologies and materials for Cultural Heritage conservation



Research Area 1: Innovative interfaces and interaction for the communication, promotion, and dissemination of Cultural Heritage

Research Area 2: 3D/4D modeling, virtual, augmented, and immersive realities for Cultural Heritage and exhibitions

Research Area 3: Knowledge management, metadata, and catalogation for Cultural Heritage

Research Area 4: Digitization and algorithmic techniques for the analysis of Cultural Heritage

Research Area 5: Digital design and tools for documentation, maintenance, preservation, and protection of Cultural Heritage



Research Area 1: Protection and conservation of art in public spaces

Research Area 2: Methods and technologies for endangered Cultural Heritage

Research Area 3: Preventive conservation and techniques for monitoring environmental conditions

Research Area 4: Assessment of diversities for Cultural Heritage enhancement and Geoheritage conservation

Research Area 5: New methods for promoting the inclusion of local stakeholders in Cultural Heritage preservation



Research Area 1: Provenance and production techniques of archaeological materials and artworks

Research Area 2: Development and application of instrumentation for the non-invasive analysis of Cultural Heritage

Research Area 3: Innovative use and development of large-scale facilities techniques and methods for Cultural Heritage materials

Research Area 4: Mapping and dating Earth’s landforms and materials

Research Area 5: Development and characterization of innovative materials related to Cultural Heritage