The University of Torino will ensure that research proposal submitted under the T4C PhD Programme and affecting ethics issues are processed by UNITO Bio Ethics Committee.

The University of Torino Bio-Ethics Committee was set up in 2007 according to Italian National Law and according to “Art. 6 Ethical principles” of Decision n. 1982/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (18th December 2006) and European Commission Recommendation of 18 June 2007, C(2007) 2525. UNITO Bio-Ethics Committee is composed of a director and 15 independent experts, working on bioethics and in Life Sciences, Human and Animal Health, Forensic Medicine and Law. It processes almost 100 research proposals per year and reviews ethic issues, with particular reference to research on healthy humans, on animals and on human embryonic stem cell (hESC). Reviews are treated under specific regulations related to the National and European provisions, review criteria differ according to ethics issues concerned.

After the fellows’ appointment, the PhD Programme Scientific Board will supervise fellows’ research activities also from the ethical point of view and will inform the Unito’s Bio Ethics Committee immediately should any other ethical issues arise.