Abraham Zerai

My name is Abraham Zerai. I am from Eritrea and my background is in Archaeological Materials Science. Since 2006 I have worked in the National Museum of Eritrea as a junior-researcher and assumed the position till 2013 when I was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I did my Masters in the Erasmus Mundus Archeological Materials Science program in 2015. Subsequent to my formative stage, I have worked in the Commission of Culture and Sports, in the archaeology and anthropology research branch in Eritrea till October 2018 and was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship in the Tech4Culture PhD Program. My previous works involved the supervision of on-going joint research projects in Eritrea and have participated in archaeological and paleo-anthropological excavations as Early Stage Researcher. I have worked on provenance of ceramic materials in my formative stage which involved multi-analytical archaeometric approaches of raw material characterization. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD research on the comprehensive approaches to understand the provenance of amphorae assemblages from the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea and expect to understand patterns of exchange and distribution of these assemblages in the Red Sea by the 1st millennium CE from mineralogical and chemical perspectives.

Tech4Culture Fellow – Call 1 (2018)

Supervisor: Alessandro Lo Giudice, Department of Physics, UniTO