Anne Landskron

I have studied Near Eastern Archaeology (2010-2016; BA) and Landscape Archaeology (2016-2019, MSc) at Free University of Berlin as well as at University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. During this time, I participated in a number of field projects in Germany, Scotland, Sri Lanka and Turkey. In the course of an international voluntary service supported by the German Commission for UNESCO (kulturweit), I worked in Istanbul (Turkey) at the German Institute of Archaeology (DAI) from 2014 to 2015. Since this time, I became heavily involved in the DAI excavation project Boğazköy-Hattuša.
My research interests lie in how environment and cultural activities are interrelated, leading to the formation of space and cultural values, forming e.g. identity. Currently, the goal of my PhD project within the Tech4Culture Doctoral Programme is to identify cultural-specific decision-making processes, specifically for the Hittite period. Utilizing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a technical tool, a diachronic approach will be employed to evaluate persistence and change within the organisation of societies ideally from the Late Chalcolithic to the Early Iron Age. The structured comparison of textual and archaeological records from the perspective of the longue durée allows for a differentiation between geographical constants and socio-cultural decisions of man.

Tech4Culture Fellow – Call 2 (2019)

Supervisor: Stefano de Martino, Historical Studies Department